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Twenty Corporate Gifts People Actually Want — From clients to coworkers!

This Corporate Gifts Guide is part of my Holiday Gift Guide Series. Visit for more.

I recently ran a LinkedIn survey to get an idea of how employers, partners, and organizations were handling corporate gift-giving this year. After all, holiday dinners and parties are likely canceled, and our Rolodex of company’s addresses is virtually obsolete as people shift to working from home.

So how can you keep relationships strong given this year’s restrictions? After extensive research (yes! These lists take a lot of work) I’ve developed two sets of lists filled with corporate gift options for you to consider: one containing all virtual stuff for those whose addresses you may not have, and one for physical gifts you can ship to recipients’ homes. Let’s get started!

10 Virtual Corporate Gifts for Partners, Customers, Employers, and anyone whose hard work you appreciate

  1. Home Chef gift card, starting at $65

    Home Chef is my favorite meal subscription and has earned me many points with dinner guests — even before the pandemic. If your gift recipient likes to cook but could use a little break from the grocery store, this is a great gift. Simply purchase the gift card on Home Chef and send it for them to enjoy!

  2. Grubhub Gift Card

    If you’re unsure about food restrictions and meal preferences, Grubhub is a great way to let them choose what they want! Make sure to add a nice, thoughtful note and thank them for all their hard work with a nice meal on you.

  3. Disney+ One Year Subscription, $69

    If you think Disney+ is just for kids, think again! The Disney streaming platform has movies, shows, documentaries, and something for everyone to enjoy. If this doesn’t seem like something your team would enjoy, consider a more traditional app like Netflix or Hulu.

  4. Airbnb Gift Card, $100

    With most trips and events rescheduled for the year, people are itching for a getaway. I think this is such a fun and thoughtful gift for when travel restrictions are lifted and we can plan new trips!

  5. Book of the month club, 3 months for $49.99

    For a safer bet, books never go out of style. You can choose a 3-month subscription for $49.99, or go up to 12 months for $169.99.

  6. MasterClass Subscription, $180

    MasterClass lets users stream 10-minute classes from over 90 different instructors in any area you choose — anywhere from poker to make-up to cooking lessons. They’re currently running a BOGO promotion, so make sure to browse their courses and see if there’s something you might even want to try for yourself.

  7. Chewy Gift Card, $25

    There’s a common misconception that gift cards can be impersonal, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you take the time to know your recipient! For pet owners, a Chewy gift card will be an incredibly thoughtful gift … just make sure you add their pet’s name to the card as well!

    Not sure about a gift card? Check out my holiday gift guide for dog lovers here.

  1. Audible Membership, $15 on Amazon

    As much as I like to read, I constantly find myself getting distracted by my phone and 100 other things around my house. This is why I love Audible and take advantage of it in the car, on road trips, on airplanes, and whenever I have spare time.

    Gift this for as low as $15 and let them choose what they want to read (play?).

  1. Material Kitchen Gift Card, $75

    Being at home for the last 7 months has made me realize how outdated my kitchen gadgets are, which is why I would love to receive a Material Kitchen gift. Send this to your clients and partners and let them purchase a new, fun item for their home.

  2. Trade Coffee Subscription, $60 for 3 bags

    After an incredibly divisive year, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: Coffee is a must. This fun subscription lets you send a personalized selection of coffee bags from top U.S. roasters. They even have a “coffee journey” experience! Click here for corporate gift inquiries.

    Bonus: Donation to a charity of choice

    Something I’m constantly grateful for is working for a company that encourages its employees to donate and be active members of our communities. One of the things I love the most is their matching program, where they match your yearly donations up to a certain dollar amount. This is a great way to strengthen relationships with your team and help someone in need. If you’re considering this gift option, here’s a quick article on seven ways you can donate to charity.

10 Gifts for Coworkers, Bosses, and anyone who’s shared their home address with you

  1. Taza Chocolate Virtual Tasting Kit, $39

    Virtual tasting kits have become more common since the pandemic, and I love that it’s giving us the option to feel close to our loved ones as we social distance. This virtual tasting kit ships everything your team needs for the tasting and guides you through sampling, and even offers a factory tour.

    This is a thoughtful, entertaining experience for teams to enjoy together.

  2. Bombas Women’s Snowflake Sock, $65

    Socks continue to be a favorite of mine, and these boxes from Bombas are a crowd favorite! This woman’s set is perfect for the holidays and a great way to wish your coworkers a cozy winter.

  3. Bombas Men’s Tie Dye Gift Box, $78

    Bombas also carry gift boxes for men, and what says 2020 better than tie-dye? This gift comes in three sizes and also offers a donation after purchase.

  4. Organic Cheese and Appetizer Basket, $69

    If you read my holiday gift guide for cheese lovers you know my opinion on cheese gifting (hint: it’s a big YES!), and this gorgeous basket is top of my list. Send this to partners, clients, and coworkers and encourage them to enjoy a nice at-home picnic.

  5. Bean Box World Coffee Tour, $89

    Another coffee option, this box features 16 gourmet coffee samples from around the world. You can also choose more affordable options, like the Hawaiian sampler or the Coffee and Tea box for $46.

  1. Sugarfina Gift Box, various prices

    Even though they’re on the pricier side, Sugarfina has some of the most beautiful, thoughtful gifts I’ve ever seen. From the packaging to the gourmet gummies, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

  2. High-Quality eats and Seafood from Crowd Cow, starting at $55

    I came across Crowd Cow while doing research for this article, and I’m completely amazed by the fun, elegant idea. You can ship anything from Wild Maine Lobster Surf and Turf  ($57) to a dry age Porterhouse Steak for $55. This is fun, unique, and a great way to tell your gift recipients you can’t wait to “meat again.”

  3. Wine gift box from Vinebox, $129

    Gifting wine can be a little tricky as you want to be mindful of people’s preferences and circumstances. However, if you’re certain your recipient is comfortable with wine gifts, Vinebox is a great choice! This year they have a gorgeous wine advent calendar, yet you can stick with the classic box for only $79.

    If you’d like to explore other options, check out my blog on wine subscriptions and my customer experience with them.

  1. Milk Bar Cookies, starting at $44

    You’re probably thinking cookies are overdone and boring when it comes to corporate gifts, but please hear me out on this one! Milk Bar has cakes, cookies, pies, cookie truffles, and different options for any occasion. If you’re trying to take advantage of this gorgeous gift to also promote your business, you can add your corporate logo to your packaging here.

  2. Candles from Otherland, starting at $89

    Anyone who loves candles knows that good quality makes a huge difference. These gorgeous Otherland candles come in elegant scents, like Sacred Dust and Old Fashioned, and let you customize the message and holiday.

Are you considering any of these corporate gifts? Leave a message below and let me know! I’d love to help you find the perfect gift for the season.

Happy gifting,


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