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Online Ordering Software Empowers Restaurants to Stay Open During COVID-19

As restaurants struggle to navigate the financial effects of COVID-19, new technologies are allowing for establishments to stay open thanks to online ordering.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected households and businesses beyond belief. During these times, however, we have also seen organizations come together to bring their products and services into the community and help in any way they can.

A six-year old company (this week they are celebrating their 6th year anniversary!), Core Consults POS is turning an unfortunate time into an opportunity to help small and medium organizations who are struggling to shift their brick-and-mortar sales to online platforms.

Owned by husband and wife Ian Vernon and Ashley Perez, at CC POS they believe in a customer-centric approach. During the current pandemic, this belief has only become stronger and more essential. Here’s what Ashley had to say.

Cindy: What’s CC POS?

Ashley: Core Consults is a point-of-sale agency that offers payment processing, point-of-sale software, gift cards, loyalty, and web and mobile applications, amongst other services. We are a group of consultants who represent the core of your business, the products, the services, the payments, and those vital processes that are essential to running successful operations.

In addition to our customer-centric product, we pride ourselves on 24/7 premium customer service to our clients. As sparse as true customer service can be, we differentiate ourselves in the industry by taking a great customer experience more seriously than most.

Because we understand what it’s like to grow a business from scratch, we will always consult in ways that decrease costs and drive revenue. Our greatest success is our client’s success and we want to be there every step of the way.

C: How has the current pandemic affected your company?

A: Much like most businesses across the world, we have been affected in many ways, starting with the front end of our business. However, where we feel it the most is on the backend. Since we’re a customer service-centric business, we generate a great portion of revenue from our services that are paid on a monthly basis. WIth most brick-and-mortar businesses being closed, we are losing income every day.

C:How have you had to adjust your brand’s message due to COVID-19?

A: We’ve had to focus on our online products and offer virtual and over-the-phone consultations. Since we can only provide our services to essential businesses at this time, we’ve focused direct attention to the restaurants.

Our solution has a tier-3 restaurant point-of-sale software that’s integrated with online ordering, loyalty systems, gift cards, and other solutions. Since most restaurants can’t keep their doors open, those that don’t have online ordering need help transitioning to this virtual experience.

By doing this, not only are we empowering restaurants to shift to online services, but we are also giving them the opportunity to continue generating revenue, paying their employees and, hopefully, expand their online presence even after the current pandemic.

C: How is your company serving the community during quarantine?

A: In addition to supporting restaurants, we’re serving the community by hosting a series of Facebook Live events that allow our family of clients to share their story. We later edit and promote these stories at no cost, keeping our followers entertained and encouraging our customers to gain exposure and advertise their product or service.

We have received an extremely positive response from this format, and we’re exploring other activities in which our clients can gain visibility.

C: What’s something you’d like your current readers to know?

A: We have spent countless hours learning what we know about the products we offer and making sure the service we provide stays premium. We are dedicating our time to helping restaurants stay active and profitable with online ordering. Right now, most people in the United States have to order your food by phone. Why not make your menu available online? If you’re busy, you free up your lines by adding an additional stream of ordering. If you’re not, you promote yourself online by offering a seamless ordering experience. Unprecedented times call for reinventing ourselves and better serving our customers.

About Core Consults POS

Even though most promise it, there are few companies that truly focus on transparency, honesty and customer trust. Core Consults is one of the few organizations that keeps their promise.

During the first four years of the company the owners focused on learning the product, building the back end and understanding what the customers really needed. Now, they have expanded into 7 states with over 300 clients across a multitude of industries. In addition to supporting a global team, Ian and Ashley are parents to a baby boy and look forward to growing both professionally and personally.

To learn more about Core Consults POS, follow them on social media or take a look at their website!

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