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My commitment to my readers

Sharing my newly launched website this week felt wrong given the horrible social injustice, systemic racism, and abuse that we’re seeing in our country. Up until now I’ve chosen to step aside, remain quiet and keep a low profile as those who are far more educated in the matter speak.

Today, however, I realize that being quiet is not the way. That as a minority, a woman, an American, a human, I need to be a part of the conversation and help others learn as I continue to educate myself.

As I launch my new website, I’m making a commitment to:

✅ Only share real, honest content that helps create awareness on the social matters that affect us all.
✅ Not be afraid to speak up.
✅ Understand my place of privilege and use it to help others.
✅ Continue learning, growing, understanding, and using my talent to help, bring light, and bring joy to my readers.

I’ve been working so hard to launch this site, and the amazing team of people who have helped me are so proud of it. Help me use it as a platform to talk about what really matters.

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