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How Phenic Natural Skincare Has Adapted Their Brand To Help The Community

Interview with Phenic Skincare co-founder Alex Haigis. Learn how her business helps others through natural, effective products.

Following my usual routine is the one thing that’s helped me stay sane during quarantine. I wake up, turn on my Keurig, take a shower, and follow my usual skincare steps. When taking care of my skin, I do my best to use affordable products that make my skin feel good and, most importantly, clean! Enter Phenic Skincare.

I came across Phenic a few months ago. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the co-founders and was lucky enough to get a few samples as a gift. A couple weeks in I was hooked. However, as much as I’d love to rave about how glowing my skin is and how those nasty breakouts are not happening as frequently anymore (I know, I know, who cares?), their brand is what I’ve been most impressed with.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Alexandra Haigis about why, during the current pandemic, her dream of a natural skincare line matters more than ever.

Cindy: Why is Phenic Skincare so important to you?

Alex: I started Phenic Skincare as a means to bring affordable and quality skincare to an audience that often gets confused by what they’re buying. My business partner and I first launched a blog because we wanted to clear up many common questions, like what do all different symbols mean on your skincare bottles, what all the ingredients mean, and how often you should be using or replacing skincare products on your bathroom shelf. I wanted to be able to answer questions like this and create a brand that people can trust. I will only sell a product that I would be happy to use myself.

I am honored to have co-founded a company that has ingredients backed by nature. We wanted to create effective, yet pure skincare. Our story starts with mediterranean olive oil; liquid gold that is full of skin healing nutrients and antioxidants, and an age old family recipe passed down for generations.

C: How has the current pandemic affected your company?

A: During quarantine our B2C sales have gone up. The last few orders that were placed this week all had Oil Cream Facial Moisturizers in them, which I see as a sign that more and more people are pampering themselves and trying to combat winter dryness. Orders made during COVID-19 have also been larger in size. People are looking to revamp their entire skincare routines as a way to improve their self care. However, our wholesale orders are slowing because stores across the country and world have been forced to close their doors.

C: How is your company serving the community during quarantine?

A: The first thing we did when we realized the severity of COVID-19 was launch our facial soap. This is something that had been in the works for months, but we wanted to bring it to market as soon as possible for those who were concerned about the cleanliness of their skin. In addition to providing a deep cleanse, this soap bar nourishes and moisturizes skin.

To help those who are struggling, we removed shipping costs from every single order during the month of April, and are extending that throughout the life of the pandemic. We want to help our shoppers in any way we can, and providing healthy, natural products that help them feel clean and pampered is our main priority

C: How have you had to adjust your brand’s message due to COVID-19?

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A: I have commissioned Julie Clark, who is a Psychospiritual Coach to write a weekly newsletter series for our email marketing. This series is called Practicing Positivity with Phenic and is being sent out every Thursday to our email list. The first newsletter is going out this week and discusses the importance of practicing gratitude during difficult times like this. Additionally, as this is an extremely isolating time, I have gathered a group of experts to take over our Instagram Live, covering a variety of topics every Friday at 8 p.m. E.T.

This is a great way for us to give back to our audience and help during trying times. Julie Clark is our first expert and will be leading a guided meditation. Next week, we will have a professional Physical Trainer leading a Zumba Class to get people moving. Then we will have a dessert cooking class, and the week after that we will have a live Yoga Class. We are planning weekly events during COVID-19, however if they are successful, we may consider extending it.

C: What’s something you’d like your readers to know?

A: At Phenic we want to be more than just a product you use before going to bed. We want people to know that we support them and understand what they are going through. After all, we’re all in this together, trying to do the best we can and taking it one day at a time. For those who are feeling down and want to join our Instagram Live sessions and learn from our experts, they can follow as at @phenicskincare.

Thank you!

About Phenic Skincare

I met Alex Haigis during our Master’s program at Florida International University and immediately knew how passionate she was about her business. As I started to learn more about Phenic, I could see how they are different from other cosmetic brands. From their affordable prices to giving their audience full transparency on their products, they have truly developed their business with the customer in mind — and it’s not just a catchphrase!

To learn more about Phenic Skincare, follow them on social media or shoot them an email at

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