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Author: cindylozano

Writer’s Block is a Real Pain

Writer’s block is something I expect to encounter when I’m feeling tired and overwhelmed with an ever-growing to-do list. You hardly ever hear about writer’s block when you’re doing great both mentally and physically, do you? Let me explain. A week ago I came back

How To Write and Publish a Book

First blog post on the “How To” series, featuring published author Sarah Tester. Something I’ve been working on this year is actually following through on things I say I’m gonna do. I started that MBA I had been thinking about for a few years, I

My commitment to my readers

Sharing my newly launched website this week felt wrong given the horrible social injustice, systemic racism, and abuse that we’re seeing in our country. Up until now I’ve chosen to step aside, remain quiet and keep a low profile as those who are far more

45 Days

What I’ve learned in 45 days, and what I wish to remember forever. Forty five days ago my friend Katie published a powerful article on why it’s so important to address the concerns that COVID-19 presents to our society — and why we should stop using keywords